Chris Pianta

Lead Tech and Cave Person/Owner

Cybersecurity Guru, A cybersecurity Guru, protects and builds people's awareness of threats and how we need to be vigilant to spyware, malware, ransomware, viruses, worms, and trojan horses. Also, new threats like psychological phishing, email phishing, web page phishing, and phone phishing.


I offer this service to anyone interested in encryption, password management, two-factor authentication, and email encryption. These tools, along with locking your credit, can keep hackers and bad actors away from you and move on to the next guy.


Next, we will move into wired, firewalled home and small business networks. These steps will secure your home or business from outside and inside threats. With a proper firewall/router, you can segment your network from wired and wireless traffic. Also, monitor traffic. See who's on your network. What data, what device is uploading data.  Where is the information being sent to, and the ability to block it?