Xbox One buy or don’t buy? ***please read if you have one***

Xbox One buy or don’t buy?  ***please read if you have one***


I am a PC (computer) guy. Here is my current rig. (A beast)

My computer:


I have pre-orderd Xbox One COD console. My first Xbox console I have a Wii U and love it.


I am writing this post to get some advice. I have read that the Xbone is under powered and not running games at 1080p and is not really an even option for most games. I have been running games at 1080p on my computer for years and before that at 1600 x 1200 on my old Sony CRT. Why is this a problem now on a so called next-gen system? I’ll tell you Microsoft cheeped out and put in slower DDR3 memory and + 32MB eSRAM while PS4 went with GDDR5 to run the whole system (smart). So Microsoft cheeped out clearly. So my question is do I still get the Xbox One after knowing this system is inferior, poor sales worse than Wii U sales and its longevity is in question? But saying all that I want to get it, I just don’t want to feel ripped off.


Page about the two systems specs:

Xbox One specs:

PS4 specs:

PS4 vs. Xbox One Native Resolutions and Framerates:


I have read about 100 articles and hundreds of comments, Xbox One is under powered. But gamers seem to flock to it for games like Call of Duty and GTA. On PC COD Ghost there are at any given time around 300 players in the world playing, it’s a joke. If I want to play games like COD or GTA I have to move to Xbox or PS4.

So the question is buy or don’t buy?

If you have one what are the graphics like, online community, low ping and good servers all this is important?