Hmm Nintendo’s Next Gen Consoles???? They so called are codenamed Nintendo Fusion Terminal and Nintendo Fusion DS


I saw this first at this page.

I just got a 2DS for Christmas and play it daily. It’s a great system as is the Wii U which I also own and love. Does Nintendo need a new bad ass super powerful console? The answer is yes. I back up my answer with 29 years of owning Nintendo systems and now building gaming PC’s. Nintendo needs to make a cheap PC like Microsoft and Sony did with Xbone and PS4. Nin10do also needs to be friendlier to 3rd party developers. No one like’s the platformers like mario and others more than me but take a look at Valves Steam and you can see there are thousands of great titles out there that would be awesome on both of their new machines. If you give the developers easy tools to port their games they will port them. Also Nintendo needs to looks very hard at what they name this next console. I really think they dropped the ball on the name Wii U it should have been Wii HD the general public understands HD to be a better picture. As of right now I do not know what the “U” stands for in the name Wii U. (looking it up now) Okay I got one answer that I will accept the “U” is just a clever way of saying 2.   The new console needs to drop the second screen controller and just make it an aftermarket choice. Make the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller the main controller of the system. The pro controller is great feeling in your hands its light weight and the battery lasts for a pretty long time.  Let the console play Blu-ray movies and output 4k for upcoming 4k Netflix. Here is a great idea. Gear the system towards competitive gaming leagues talk to those guys and make a system for them. Make the system flipping rock with games like COD, league of legends, upcoming MMORPG’s like elder scrolls online. Add support for keyboard and mouse. Let the gamer decide how they want to play their favorite games. Last and this is what makes it a power house it plays DS, Wii, and Wii U games right out of the box. No bull virtual console junk that just confuses people. Flat out put the disc in and it shows up on the screen or go to the eShop buy/download/play.

Now for the next DS I will leave that all up to Nintendo the 3DS and 2DS are fantastic just add more games to the eShop.